A Brief History of the King James Bible

  1. Here’s some interesting information on: A Brief History of the King James Bible By Dr. Laurence M. Vance.

“As the reign of Elizabeth (1558-1603) was coming to a close, we find a draft for an act of Parliament for a new version of the Bible: “An act for the reducing of diversities of bibles now extant in the English tongue to one settled vulgar translated from the original.” The Bishop’s Bible of 1568, although it may have eclipsed the Great Bible, was still rivaled by the Geneva Bible. Nothing ever became of this draft during the reign of Elizabeth, who died in 1603, and was succeeded by James 1, as the throne passed from the Tudors to the Stuarts. James was at that time James VI of Scotland, and had been for thirty-seven years. He was born during the period between the Geneva and the Bishop’s Bible.”

“One of the first things done by the new king was the calling of the Hampton Court Conference in January of 1604 “for the hearing, and for the determining, things pretended to be amiss in the church.” Here were assembled bishops, clergymen, and professors, along with four Puritan divines, to consider the complaints of the Puritans although Bible revision was not on the agenda, the Puritan president of Corpus Christi College, John Reynolds, “moved his Majesty, that there might be a new translation of the Bible, because those which were allowed in the reigns of Henry the eighth, and Edward the sixth, were corrupt and not answerable to the truth of the Original.”

“The king rejoined that he could never yet see a Bible well translated in English; but I think that, of all, that of Geneva is the worst. I wish some special pains were taken for an uniform translation, which should be done by the best learned men in both Universities, then reviewed by the Bishops, presented to the Privy Council, lastly ratified by the Royal authority, to be read in the whole Church, and none other.”

“Accordingly, a resolution came forth: That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek; and this to be set out and printed, without any marginal notes, and only to be used in all churches of England in time of divine service.”

“The next step was the actual selection of the men who were to perform the work. In July of 1604, James wrote to Bishop Bancroft that he had “appointed certain learned men, to the number of four and fifty, for the translating of the Bible.” These men were the best biblical scholars and linguists of their day. In the preface to their completed work it is further stated that “there were many chosen, that were greater in other men’s eyes than in their own, and that sought the truth rather than their own praise. Again, they came or were thought to come to the work, learned, not to learn.” Other men were sought out, according to James, “so that our said intended translation may have the help and furtherance of all our principal learned men within this our kingdom”

“Although fifty-four men were nominated, only forty-seven were known to have taken part in the work of translation. The translators were organized into six groups, and met respectively at Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford. Ten at Westminster were assigned Genesis through 2 Kings; seven had Romans through Jude. At Cambridge, eight worked on 1 Chronicles through Ecclesiastes, while seven others handled the Apocrypha. Oxford employed seven to translate Isaiah through Malachi; eight occupied themselves with the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation.”

“Fifteen general rules were advanced for the guidance of the translators:”

1. “The ordinary Bible read in the Church, commonly called the Bishops Bible, to be followed, and as little altered as the Truth of the original will permit.”

2.” The names of the Prophets, and the Holy Writers, with the other Names of the Text, to be retained, as nigh as may be, accordingly as they were vulgarly used.”

3. “The Old Ecclesiastical Words to be kept, viz. the Word Church not to be translated Congregation &c.”

4. “When a Word hath divers Significations, that to be kept which hath been most commonly used by the most of the Ancient Fathers, being agreeable to the Propriety of the Place, and the Analogy of the Faith.”

5. “The Division of the Chapters to be altered, either not at all, or as little as may be, if Necessity so require.”

6. “No Marginal Notes at all to be affixed, but only for the explanation of the Hebrew or Greek Words, which cannot without some circumlocution, so briefly and fitly be expressed in the Text.”

7. “Such Quotations of Places to be marginally set down as shall serve for the fit Reference of one Scripture to another.”

8. “Every particular Man of each Company, to take the same Chapter or Chapters, and having translated or amended them severally by himself, where he thinketh good, all to meet together, confer what they have done, and agree for their Parts what shall stand.”

9.” As any one Company hath dispatched any one Book in this Manner they shall send it to the rest, to be considered of seriously and judiciously, for His Majesty is very careful in this Point.”

10.” If any Company, upon the Review of the Book so sent, doubt or differ upon any Place, to send them Word thereof; note the Place, and withal send the Reasons, to which if they consent not, the Difference to be compounded at the general Meeting, which is to be of the chief Persons of each Company, at the end of the Work.”

11.” When any Place of special Obscurity is doubted of, Letters to be directed by Authority, to send to any Learned Man in the Land, for his Judgment of such a Place.”

12. “Letters to be sent from every Bishop to the rest of his Clergy, admonishing them of this Translation in hand; and to move and charge as many skilful in the Tongues; and having taken pains in that kind, to send his particular Observations to the Company, either at Westminster, Cambridge, or Oxford.”

13.” The Directors in each Company, to be the Deans of Westminster, and Chester for that Place; and the King’s Professors in the Hebrew or Greek in either University.”

14. “These translations to be used when they agree better with the Text than the Bishops Bible: Tyndale’s, Matthew’s, Coverdale’s, Whit church’s, Geneva.”

15. “Besides the said Directors before mentioned, three or four of the most Ancient and Grave Divines, in either of the Universities, not employed in Translating, to be assigned by the vice-Chancellor, upon Conference with the rest of the Heads, to be Overseers of the Translations as well Hebrew as Greek, for the better observation of the 4th Rule above specified.”

The work began to take shape in 1604 and progressed steadily. The translators expressed their early thoughts in their preface as:

“Truly (good Christian Reader) we never thought from the beginning, that we should need to make a new Translation, nor yet to make of a bad one a good one, but to make a good one better, or out of many good ones, one principal good one, not justly to be excepted against, that hath been our endeavor. They had at their disposal all the previous English translations to which they did not disdain:”

“We are so far off from condemning any of their labors that travailed before us in this kind, either in this land or beyond sea, either in King Henry’s time, or King Edward’s or Queen Elizabeth’s of ever renowned memory, that we acknowledge them to have been raised up of God, for the building and furnishing of his Church, and that they deserve to be had of us and of posterity in everlasting remembrance.”

“And, as the translators themselves also acknowledged, they had a multitude of sources from which to draw from: “Neither did we think much to consult the Translators or Commentators, Chaldees, Hebrew, Syrian, Greek, or Latin, no nor the Spanish, French, Italian, or Dutch.” The Greek editions of Erasmus, Stephanus, and Beza were all accessible, as were the Complutensian and Antwerp Polyglots, and the Latin translations of Pagninus, Termellius, and Beza. Four years were spent on the preliminary translation by the six groups. The translators were exacting and particular in their work, as related in their preface:”

“Neither did we disdain to revise that which we had done, and to bring back to the anvil that which we had hammered: but having and using as great helps as were needful, and fearing no reproach for slowness, nor coveting praise for expedition, we have at the length, through the good hand of the Lord upon us, brought the work to that pass that you see.”

“The conferences of each of the six being ended, nine months were spent at Stationers’ Hall in London for review and revision of the work by two men each from the Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford companies. The final revision was then completed by Myles Smith and Thomas Bilson, with a preface supplied by Smith.”

The completed work was issued in 1611, the complete title page reading: “THE HOLY BIBLE, Converting the Old Testament, and the New: Newly Translated out of the Original tongues: & with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties Special Commandment. Appointed to be read in Churches. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie. ANNO DOM. 1611. The New Testament had a separate title page, the whole of it reading:”

“THE NEW Testament of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Newly Translated out of the Originall Greeke: and with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties special Commandment. IMPRINTED at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie. ANNO DOM. 1611. Cum Privilegio. The King James Bible was, in its first editions, even larger than the Great Bible. It was printed in black letter with small italicized Roman type to represent those words not in the original languages.”

“A dedicatory epistle to King James, which also enhanced the completed work, recalled the King’s desire that “there should be one more exact Translation of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue.” The translators expressed that they were “poor instruments to make God’s holy truth to be yet more and more known” while at the same time recognizing that “Popish persons” sought to keep the people in ignorance and darkness.”

“The Authorized Version, as it came to be called, went through several editions and revisions. Two notable editions were that of 1629, the first ever printed at Cambridge, and that of 1638, also at Cambridge, which was assisted by John Bois and Samuel Ward, two of the original translators. In 1657, the Parliament considered another revision, but it came to naught. The most important editions were those of the 1762 Cambridge revision by Thomas Paris, and the 1769 Oxford revision by Benjamin Blayney. One of the earliest concordances was a Concordance to the Bible of the Last Translation, by John Down-ham, affixed to a printing of 1632.”

“The Authorized Version eclipsed all previous versions of the Bible. The Geneva Bible was last printed in 1644, but the notes continued to be published with the King James text. Subsequent versions of the Bible were likewise eclipsed, for the Authorized Version was the Bible until the advent of the Revised Version and ensuing modern translations. It is still accepted as such by its defenders, and recognized as so by its detractors. Alexander Geddes (d. 1802), a Roman Catholic priest, who in 1792 issued the first column of his own translation of the Bible, accordingly paid tribute to the Bible of his time:”

“The highest eulogiums have been made on the translation of James the First, both by our own writers and by foreigners. And, indeed, if accuracy, fidelity, and the strictest attention to the letter of the text, be supposed to constitute the qualities of an excellent version, this of all versions, must, in general, be accounted the most excellent. Every sentence, every work, every syllable, every letter and point, seem to have been weighed with the nicest exactitude; and expressed, either in the text, or margin, with the greatest precision.”

“As to whether the Authorized Version was ever officially “authorized,” Brooke Westcott, one of the members of the committee that produced the Revised Version, and the editor, with Fenton Hort, of an edition of the Greek New Testament, stated that: From the middle of the seventeenth century, the King’s Bible has been the acknowledged Bible of the English-speaking nations throughout the world simply because it is the best. A revision which embodied the ripe fruits of nearly a century of labour, and appealed to the religious instinct of a great Christian people, gained by its own internal character a vital authority which could never have been secured by any edict of sovereign rulers. This article was taken from the book A Brief History of English Bible Translations by Dr. Laurence M. Vance.” End of quote.

My friend, you come to your own conclusion on how the name Jesus Christ became apart of the New Testament scriptures.

 Page 558 of volume 13 of the Collier’s Encyclopedia we find these words: “The doctrine of the Trinity that the Eternal exists in one substance and three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thus became orthodox Christian belief.  Although Arianism persisted for a few centuries, the Nicene Creed is at present held by the vast majority of Christian churches…….”  

 If we were to be honest with ourselves, many would come to the realization of realizing that they never search out the scriptures for themselves like the word declare in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your utmost to present yourself approved to Elohim, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, but rightly handling the Word of Truth.”  But would agree to the fact that they were brought up, trained and was told that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Eternal, of which we never questioned our parents, guardians, teachers and or pastors.  But accept it, with our whole heart as gospel.   I’ll be the first to admit that I believe in the scriptures that was taught to me by my leader (s) that came from the Bible, like millions who attend church today. The Eternal brought me to a place of realizing that it is His Set-apart Spirit that teaches all things that is true, and not the hand me down traditions of cultures our forefathers taught us.) Acts 7, 51:53 Declares: “You stiff-neck and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Set-apart Spirit, as your fathers did, you also do. Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who before announced the coming of the Righteous One, of whom you now have become the betrayers and murderers, who received the Torah as it was ordained by messengers, but did not watch over it.” That’s Powerful!

 Volume 6, page 386 of the Collier’s Encyclopedia records these words under the headingChristian Churches of the East. “The Orthodox Church of the east and the Catholic Church of the West eventually came to be popularly regarded as two quite separate and unconnected institutions. From time to time since the middle of the 16th century, bodies of Orthodox and other Eastern Christians have been reconciled with Rome, but in numbers much too small to affect the fundamental division between Eastern and Western Christianity.  The ancient churches of the east today fall into three groups: The Eastern Orthodox Church, by far the largest; lesser Eastern churches, in communion neither with the Orthodox nor the Catholics; and Eastern churches in communion which Rome, although differing in practice and discipline, which are called Uniate churches.”

“The Orthodox Church is often referred to as the Greek Church, but the name is a misnomer,(meaning misleading) except in the sense that its formative influences were Greek and Greeks for long excised leadership in it. Numerically, the Russians have predominated for centuries, and among the numerous languages in which public worship is celebrated Church Slavonic is the most used, Greek coming only third,” “after Romanian Greek influence and traditions however are still extremely strong. The Orthodox Church is made up of the remnants of the four old patriarchates, four more recent national patriarchates, the autocephalous (independent) Church of Greece, and a number of smaller national bodies which are either wholly self-governing or dependent” “in varying degrees on one or other of the patriarchs.  This federation of churches has no central authority, either in the form of a supreme bishop or of a permanent interchurch synod. Only a council of the bishops of the constituent churches can speak or legislate for the whole Orthodox and such a council has never been held, although it has been proposed more than once in recent times.”

“But in spite of this, and of many internal disagreements from time to time, the Orthodox churches as a whole maintain agreement on the Christian faith and life and the constitution of the churches.  (Not on the constitution from the word of the Eternal, but on the constitution of their church). The Orthodox churches have usually also trended toward close association with the civil power, although the extent to which they have submitted to control by the state has been exaggerated by some critics.  The source of the dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church is apostolic traditions as preserved in the Bible and the church traditions and expounded by the Eastern fathers and teachers……. “

 And for the reason, we see the word of the Eternal recorded in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 1, 1:31 proclaiming the Eternal truth to our forefathers by saying to them that, their teachings and doctrines are not in according with His truth, and it reads: “The vision of Yeshayahu (Isaiah) son of Amots, which he saw concerning Yehudah (Judah) and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in the days of Uzziyahu, Yotham, Ahaz, Hizqiyahu sovereigns of Yehudah (Judah). Hear O heavens and listen, O earth!  For the Eternal has spoken,I have reared and brought up children, but they have transgressed against Me.  An ox knows its owner and a donkey it master’s crib – Yisrael (Israel) does not know, My people have not understood.” Alas, sinning nation, a people loaded with crookedness, a seed of evil-doers, sons acting corruptly! They have forsaken the Eternal they provoked the Set-apart One of Yisrael (Israel) they went backward. Why should you be beaten any more? You continue in APOSTASY! (Apostasy means: the public abandoning of a religious faith) All the head is sick and all the heart faints.  From the sole of the foot, to the head, there is no soundness in it – wounds and bruises and open sores; they have not been closed or bound up, or soothed with ointment. Your land is laid waste, your cities are burned with fire strangers devour your land in your presence. And it is laid waste, as overthrown by strangers………” Let us now go back regarding the Orthodox Church of the East and the Catholic Church of the West.

The only formulation of faith universally recognized as unexceptionable are the Nicene Creed and the decisions of the seven ecumenical (binding on the Church as a whole) council, dating from the first Council of Nicea in 325 to the second Council of Nicea in 787. No other councils are recognized as ecumenical. The seven divinely instituted sacraments are called “mysteries.  These are baptism (by immersion); chrism, or confirmation; the Eucharist; confession of sins and absolution; ordination; marriage and anointing the sick. It is held that the Hold Liturgy perpetuates the sacrifice of Calvary in a bloodless way, and that in it the bread and wine are changed into Christ’s body and blood. Prayer is made for the dead, but the term “purgatory” is repudiated. The doctrine of indulgence is rejected since sacramental absolution is held to remit all temporal punishment…..”

 As we can see from this information the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churcheswere leading religion organizations long before the Messiah came on the scene.  And we know for a fact according to scriptures that the Son of the Eternal was not an orthodox nor was He a Roman. The scripture clearly defines His nationality He was a descendent of Abraham who was a Hebrew. Genesis 1 4:13 confirms that, it reads: “And one who had escaped came and informed Abraham the Hebrew, for he dwelt by the terebinth trees of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshkol and brother of Aner, and they had a covenant with Abraham.” We read also in Acts 26, 14:18 these words: “And when we had (Shaul (Paul) speaking to the chief priests about his mission to Damascus) fallen to the ground, I heard a voice speaking to me, and saying in the Hebrew language ‘Shaul, Shaul, why do you persecute Me? It is hard for you to kick against the prods.’ And I said, ‘Who are you Master?’ And He said, ‘I am the Messiah’ whom you persecute. But rise up, and stand on your feet, for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you a servant and a witness both of what you saw and of those which I shall reveal to you, delivering you from the people, and the gentiles, to whom I now send you, to open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light, and the authority of Satan to Elohim in order for them to receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are set-apart by belief in Me’”

In the book of Acts 16, 20:21 we find these words. “And having brought them to the captains, they said, These men being Yehudim (Jews) greatly disturb our city, and they proclaim practices which are not right for us to receive not to do, being Romans.”  (Referring to Shaul and the set-apart ones) These scriptures are clear indication to the fact that centuries ago the Romans, and the Orthodox fathers and teachers, did not believe in the teaching of the Jews; of which Shaul (Paul) was proclaiming after he was stuck down on the read to Damascus. They were against his teachings.  In Acts 26, 19:23 Shaul shows his defense regarding why he was bought before the chief priests, it reads: “Therefore, Sovereign Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision but declared first to those in Damascus and in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and in all the country of Yehudah (Judah), and to the gentiles, that they should repent, and turn to Elohim, and do works worthy of repentance.  That is why the Yehudim (Jews) seized me in the Set-apart Place and tried to kill me. Therefore having obtained help from Elohim, to this day I stand, witnessing both to small and great, saying nil else than what the prophets and Mosheh (Moses) said would come, that the Messiah would suffer, would be the first to rise from the dead, He would proclaim light to the people and to the gentiles.”  

 According to the Gospel of John 18, 33:37 these words are recorded: “Then Pilate went back into the palace, and called the Messiah and said to Him, “Are you the Sovereign of the Yehudim (Jews)? The Messiah answered him, “Do you say this from yourself, or did others talk to you about Me?” Pilate answered, Am I a Yehudite? Your own nation and the chief priests have delivered you to me what did you do?” The Messiah answered, “My reign is not of this world. If My reign were of this world My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Yehudim (Jews). But now My reign is not from here. Then Pilate said to Him, “You are a Sovereign, then?” The Messiah answered, “You say it, because I am a Sovereign. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”

This is a clear indication of His nationality, even though He came to redeem all of mankind back to His Father.  So we’ve proven according to scriptures that He was not from an Orthodox (Greek) descendant nor was He from a Roman descendant but clearly He was Yehudite (Jew/Hebrew). Page 573 of the Collier’s Encyclopedia volume 13 records these words under the topic “Jews, properly speaking, descendants or members of the Biblical tribe or people called Yehudah or Judah. In time, the term (derived through the Latin Judaeus from the Hebrew adjective Yehudi) came to mean the followers of Judaism in general. During the period of Jewish emancipation in modern history there was a tendency in some countries to a void use of the word and to substitute from the words Hebrew or Israelite, which were considered to have a more dignified connotation.”

Origins, “The primary and very nearly the only source for the history of the Hebrew people (apart from inscriptions and archaeological evidence) is the Bible, especially the historical books of the Old Testament. This presents the Israelites in quasi-mythological fashion as the descendants of a certain legendary hero, Abraham, who is said to have come fromMesopotamia into Palestine about 2000 B.C.  And to have lived there to the age of 175, His grandson Jacob or Israel with his numerous progeny subsequently took up residence in Egypt, presumably at the time of the Hyksos usurpers, who were themselves a Semitic people and who ruled in Egypt between about 1750-1580 B.C. Here in due course the Israelites were reduced to slavery.”

 We read earlier where Jesus Christ is in Orthodox (Greeks) Christian belief the Son of the Eternal, as we see through the pages of history the Orthodox Christian, centuries upon centuries ago made slight changes in the scriptures particularly in the New Testament. read about it in the Encyclopedia book 11 page 429 under Poetry.  I’ll share with you a few lines with you: “The Empress Eudocia (c. 401 -460), wife of Theodosius 11, so arranged that it forms, with the slight change of only a word here and there a lengthy treatise on the Christian Trinity in Homeric language.”

Under the heading: Theology and Other Branches of Literature in the same book as the above: I’ll share a few lines with you. “Of the many who wrote on theology, in addition to those discussed above, the major figures were John Chrysostom (d. 407), the fiery “bishop of Constantinople, who dared to censure the behaviour of members of the imperial family; Basil of Caesarea (fourth century), composer of a famous monastic rule, who with his brother Gregory of Nyssa and their friend Gregory of Nazianzus, fixed the orthodox (Greek) formulation of the doctrine of the Trinity; Cyril of Alexandria (376-444), one of the most revered of all dogmatic authorities…..”

No wonder why the Eternal says: “How do you say, we are wise and the Torah of El Shaddai is with us? But look, the false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood.  The wise shall be put to shame they shall be broken down and caught. See, they have rejected the Word of El, so what wisdom do they have?” Jeremiah 8, 8:9   The sad reality is that the songs and books that are used which give praises and honour to Jesus Christ, is so wrong, because he is not the Son of the Eternal.  Luke 16, 15:16 declares: So He said to them, “You are those who declare yourselves righteous before men, but Elohim knows your hearts, because what is highly thought of among men is an abomination in the sight of Elohim.The Torah and the prophets are until John. Since then the reign of Elohim is being announced, and everyone is doing violence upon it”.   That’s Powerful!

Volume13 page 569 of the Collier’s Encyclopedia records these words under the headingAncient Period, reads: Old Testament is divided into three sections, the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Writings, and contains in all 39 books. These books, the earliest parts of which date at least from the ninth century BC, are but the surviving portion of the national literature of ancient Israel. Many works mentioned by the title in the Old Testament have been lost and other known as Apocrapha, never formed part of the Hebrew Bible”.

As we continue in the search to discover the secrets that are revealed by the Eternal that reveals His true and living Son, let us begin with the promise.  In order to discover His Son, you must go from the promise point of view which leads us to our forefather in particular Abraham, because we know that the promise was made to him and his seed after him which is recorded in the book of Genesis 17, 18:19 and it reads: “And Abraham said to Elohim, “Oh, let Yishmael (Ishmael) live before You!” and Elohim said, No, Sarah your wife is truly bearing a son to you,  and thou shall call his name Yitshaq (Isaac). And I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his seed after him”. 

Matthew 1:2 records: “Abraham begat Yitshaq (Isaac); and Yitshaq (Isaac) begat Ya’aqob (Jacob); and Ya’aqob (Jacob) begat Yehudah (Judah) and his brothers. (The twelve tribes)We know that through Ya’aqob (Jacob) the whole household of Israel, was established as recorded in the book of Ruth 4, 11:16 and it reads: “And all the people that were in the gate and the elders, said, We are witness El, make the woman that is come into thine house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel: and prove your worth in Ephrathah and proclaim the Name in Beythlehem  And let thy house be like the house of Perets, whom Tamar bare unto Yehudah (Judah), of the seed which El, does give to you from this young woman……..”.  Tamar was Yehudah (Judah) daughter-in-law who played the harlot and conceived and bore twins by him and their names were: Perets and Zerah. You can read about this prophecy with Tamar and Yehudah (Judah) in Genesis 38, 1:30: that was fulfilled, of which, the generation from Abraham down to the Messiah (Messiah simply means: Anointed One) was fourteen generation, read about it in. Mattithyahu (Matthew) 1, 2:6

Let us go back to the book of Ruth Chapter 4, 13:16 so as to continue in this search. “So Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife: and when he went in unto her, El, gave her conception, and she bare a son. And the women (Ruth) said unto Naomi, Blessed be the El, which hath not left thee this day without a kinsman that his name may be famous in Israel. And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine old age: for thy daughter in-law, which loveth thee, which is better to thee than seven sons, hath born him. (Who is this child they are talking about? It is Obed who brought forth Jessie.)  And Naomi took the child, laid it in her bosom, and became nurse unto it. And the women (Ruth) and her neighbors gave it a name, saying, There is a son born to Naomi; and they called his name Obed: he is the father of Jesse the father of David.”

Micah 5, 1:4: “Now you are raided, O daughter of raiders, a siege has been laid against us.They strike the Judge of Israel with a rod on the cheek. But you, Bethlehem  Ephrathah you who are little among the clans of Yehudah, (Judah) out of you shall come forth to me the One to become Ruler in Israel, And His coming forth are of old from everlasting.Therefore He shall give them up until the time that SHE WHO IS IN LABOUR HAS GIVEN BIRTH, and the remnant of his brother’s return to the children of Israel. AND HE SHALL STAND AND SHEPHERD IN THE STRENGTH OF THE ETERNAL, IN THE EXELLENCY OF THE NAME OF HIS ELOHIM. AND THEY SHALL DWELL, FOR AT THAT TIME HE SHALL BE GREAT, TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.”  Now, let us see who this child was that shall come fort to be ruler in Israel from Ephrathah what Micah 5, 1:4 speak about.  We find the answer in 1st Shemuel (Samuel)17:12 and it reads: “Now David was the son of that Ephrathah of Bethlehem in Yehudah (Judah) whose name was Jessie and he had eight sons, and in the days of Shaul (Paul) the man was old among men.” “And a Rod shall come forth from the stump of Jesse, and a Sprout from his (Jessie) roots shall bear fruit. The Spirit of El Shaddai shall rest upon Him the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of El Shaddai.” Isaiah 11, 1:2.

“And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of U-ri-as” Matthew 1:6 “For a Child shall be born unto us, a Son shall be given unto us, and the rule is on His shoulder. And His Name is called Wonderful Counselor, Strong El, father of Continuity Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His rule and peace there is no end, UPON THE THRONE OF DAWID (David) AND OVER HIS REIGNTO ESTABLISH IT AND SUSTAIN IT WITH RIGHT-RULING AND WITHRIGHTEOUSNESS FROM NOW ON, EVEN FOREVER. THE ARDOUR OF El SHADDAI OF HOST DOES THIS.” Isaiah 9, 6:7 Romans 8, 3:4 declares: “For the Torah being powerless, in that it was weak through the flesh, Elohim having His own Son in the likeness of FLESH OF SIN, and CONCERNING SIN, condemned sin in the flesh, so that the righteousness of the Torah should be completed in us who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.”

This is the fulfillment of Micah 5, 1:4 which reads: “…..Therefore He shall give them up until the time that SHE WHO IS IN LABOUR HAS GIVEN BIRTH.” The Eternal is simply saying that He will give up the children of Israel until the time that she who is in labour has given birth and that His only begotten Son, the Messiah will return the remnant of his brother back to Him.”  1st Corinthians 2, 10:13 declare: “But Elohim has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all matters, even the depths of Elohim. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man that is in him? So also, the thoughts of Elohim no one has known except the Spirit of Elohim.  And we have received , not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit that is from Elohim, in order to know what Elohim has favourably given us, which we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Set-apart Spirit teaches comparing spiritual matters with spiritual matters.”

 The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Great El Shaddai, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is bringing truth to the nations through a Revolution that He is now revealing to the world.  He’s rebuilding the Booth (Tabernacles) of King Dawid (David) that has fallen down. This prophecy is now a reality which is recorded in the Book of Act 15, 15:18: and it reads:And the words of the prophets agree with this, as it has been written: After this I shall return and rebuild the Booth (Tabernacles) of Dawid (David) which has fallen down. And I shall rebuild its ruins, and I shall set it up. So that the remnant of mankind shall seek the Eternal, even all the gentiles on whom My Name has been called says the Eternal who is doing all this, who has made this known from of old.” We find also in the book of Hoshea 3:5 these words: “Afterward the children of Israel shall return, and seek the Eternal their Elohim, and Dawid (David) their sovereign, and fear the Eternal and His goodness, in the latter day.”

”Elohim  raised up this One on the third day, and let Him be seen not to all people, but to witnesses, those having been chosen before by Elohim – to us who ate and drank with Him after He arose from the dead. And He commanded us to proclaim to the people, and to witness that it is He who was appointed by Elohim to be judge of the living and the dead. TO THIS ONE ALL THE PROPHETS BEAR WITNESS, THAT THROUGH HIS NAME EVERYONE BELIEVING IN HIM DOES RECEIVE FOREGIVENESS OF SINS.”  Acts 10, 40:43  “And He said to them, “These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with youthat all have to be filled that were written in the Torah of Mosheh and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me. Then He opened their minds to understand the scriptures, and said to them, Thus it has been written, and so it was necessary for the Messiah (Me) to suffer and to rise again from the dead the third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name (same example if you were to tell someone to do something in your name. You would say. Tell them put it in my name which represents you. The same thing the Messiah was saying.)  to all nations beginning at Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).  And you are witnesses of these matters.” Luke 24, 44:48   “But this is how Elohim has filled what He had announce beforehand through the mouth of all the prophets, that HIS MESSIAH was to suffer”. Act 3:18

You might be saying: Dawid (David) was King over the Israelites “I am not an Israelite”. O yes you, are according to the scriptures.  Isaiah 46, 3:5 declares: “Listen to Me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, who are borne from the belly, who are carried from the womb: even to your old age, I am He, and even to grey hairs I carry! I have made and I bear, and I carry and rescue. To whom do you liken Me, and compare Me and make Me similar, that we should be alike?”  (There is not a single human being on the face of the earth that was not borne from the belly)  In simplicity Israelites simple means a nation of people qualify for Royalty, those that overcome.  Revelation 2:11 declares: “He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. He who overcomes shall by no means be harmed by the second death.”  

 The secrets that were hidden since the beginning of times are now being revealed through the written word. Ecclesiastes 3:2 records these words: “A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to uproot ….” His word declares. “Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap according to kindness, break up your tillable ground, it is time to seek the Eternal, till He comes and rains righteousness on you. You have ploughed wrongness, you have reaped unrighteousness, and you have eaten the fruit of lying, because you trusted in your own way, in your many mighty men.”  Hoshea 10, 12:13

“Flee from the midst of Babel, and let each one save his life! Do not be cut off in her crookedness for this is the time of the vengeance of the Eternal, the recompense He is repaying her. Babel was a golden cup in the hand of the Eternal, making drunk all the earth. The nations drank her wine that is why the nations went mad! Babel shall suddenly fall and be broken, Howl for her! Take balm for her pain – if so be she might be healed.  We would have healed Babel, but she is not healed. Let us leave her and each go to his own land, for her judgment reaches to the heavens and is lifted up to the clouds.   Elohim has brought forth our righteousness. Come and let us relate in Tsiyon the work of the Eternal our Elohim” Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 51, 6:10      The Apostle Shaul (Paul) declares: Yet we speak wisdom among those who are perfect, and not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, that are being brought to naught. But we speak the wisdom of Elohim which was hidden in a secret, and which Elohim ordained before the ages for our esteem. Which no one of the rulers of this age knew, for if they had known they would not have impaled the Master of esteem, 1 Corinthians 2, 6:8

So many amazing revelations were revealed to me during my search to find the creator of the heaven and the earth through His living words. During the death of my grandson, and all that I had to endure during this time, was so shocking to me because it revealed to me, the one that I was not looking for, nor did I had Him on my mind because I was never taught, neither was I told that He was the Son of the Eternal. And just as the word declared it in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 65, 1:2, so it happened to me.  It reads:  “I have let Myself be inquired of, not by those who asked; I was found, not by those who sought Me, I said, ‘Here I am Here,’ TO A NATION NOT CALLING ON MY NAME. I have held out My hands all day long to a stubborn people, who walk in a way that is not good, after their own thoughts…,” also in Luke 10, 22:24  this astonishing revelation was also revealed. 

It reads; “All has been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is, except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, AND HE TO WHOM THE SON WISHES TO REVEAL HIMSELF.  And turning to His taught ones He said, separately. “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see, for I say to you that many prophets and sovereigns have wished to see what you see, and have not seen it and to hear what you hear, and have not heard it”.  The reality of these revelations was so real to me, because truly, I was not seeking after the one that was revealed to me, nor were I calling on him, because I never knew Him to be the Son of the Eternal, like ninety nine per cent of us, I was calling on another whom I was told was the Son of the Eternal, and like its says: 

 “I have let Myself be inquired of, not by those who asked; I was found, not by those who sought Me. This in itself was shocking to me because, truly I was not calling on Him (Dawid the Messiah) neither was I looking to Him, because I have never heard a nation called on His Name, or called Him the Begotten Son of the Eternal.”   I would say it again like I have said before: ninety nine point nine percent of the world’s populace are not calling on Him neither are they looking to Him; and because of this it brings these prophetic prophecies recorded in Revelation 12:9 to pass “And the great dragon was thrown out, that serpent of old called the devil and Satan, which DECEIVETH the WHOLE WORLD. He was thrown to the earth, and his messengers were thrown out with him.” And also 1stYohanan (John) 5, 19:21 declares: “We know that we are of Elohim and all the world lies in the wicked one. And we know that the Son of Elohim has come and has given us an understanding, so that WE MIGHT KNOW THE TRUE ONE. And we are in the true One, in His Son David the Messiah. This is the true Elohim and everlasting life. Little children keep yourselves from idols.” That’s Powerful!

The Apostle Paul reminds us in his writings to the Corinthians in 1st Corinthians 4:6: “And these matters, brothers, I have applied in a figure to myself and Apollo’s for your sakes, so that in us you might learn not to think beyond what is written, so that none of you be puffed up on behalf of one against the other.” The Apostle Paul was saying in other words: If it cannot be proven from the written word of the great Eternal One of Israel from beginning to end, here a little and there a little, don’t hold it as sound doctrine (s) you can’t be half stepping, it is either the TRUTH or it’s a LIE.

The principle of these words that are recorded in 1st Corinthians 4:6 is the first step in discovering truths that are written in the word of the Eternal; so that you can compare what is written in the word of the Eternal, to that which was taught to you by traditions; but cannot be found in the Good Book from beginning to end.  As I have mentioned early in my opening, it was during a time in my life when I was going through some unbelievable trials including the death of my nine years old grandson who was brutally murdered that these truths were revealed to me, when I cried out to the great One of Israel.  I can truly say today, what the enemy had planned for bad the Eternal turned it into Good. He used my grandson’s death which was intended for bad by the enemy. The Eternal turned it into good to reveal to me, His only begotten Son, so that I can share it with you.  The Gospel of Yohanan (John) 17:20 declares: “And I do not pray for these alone, but also for those believing in Me through their word. “  As I had mentioned earlier, the fulfillment of this prophesy is at hand that is recorded in the Book of Acts 15, 15:18:  And the words of the prophets agree with this, as it has been written: After this I shall return and rebuild the Booth (Tabernacles) of Dawid (David) which has fallen down. And I shall rebuild its ruins, and I shall set it up. So that the remnant of mankind shall seek the Eternal, even all the gentiles on whom My Name has been called say the Eternal who is doing all this, who has made this known from of old.”

During my search to really find out if there is really a Supreme Creator who loved us; I came up against many truths which the Set-apart Spirit revealed to me, it was amazing.  I really went on a serious in-depth search of the scriptures and the more I search, the more He revealed Himself to me through His written word.  These words were revealed to me recorded in 1st Yohanan (John) 2, 24:27 As for you, let that stay in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning stays in you, you also shall stay in the Son and in the Father. And this is the promise that He has promised us: everlasting life.  I have written this to you concerning those who lead you astray.   But the anointing which you have received from Him stays in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as the same anointing does teach you concerning all, and is true, and is no falsehood, even as it has taught you, you stay in Him.”   That was powerful.

The many revelations that were revealed to me by the set-apart spirit had never being taught to me before by anybody meaning: Pastor, Priest, Elder, Teacher etc., it was strictly the set-apart spirit that revealed to me His truth. These words are recorded in the Gospel of John 6, 44:48 “No man is able to come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him. And I shall raise him up in the last day. It has been written in the prophets and they shall all be taught by Me everyone then, who has heard from the Father and learned comes to Me.  Not that anyone has seen the father except He who is from Elohim – He has seen the Father. Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in Me possesses everlasting life. I am the bread of life.”

You might be thinking that: Jesus is the Eternal in the flesh which put on human flesh and came down to earth. History and the written word prove it wrong. But for discussions sake, let us see what the word says:  Well my friend. It is impossible for the Eternal to be Jesus in the flesh, when His word declares there is a Father and there is a Son two separate beings: “For as the Father rises the dead and makes alive, even so the Son makes alive whom He wishes. For the Father judges no one, but has given all the judgment to the Son, that all should value the Son even as they value the Father. He who does not value the Son does not value the Father who sent Him. Truly, truly, I say to you he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me possess everlasting life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.” The Gospel of John 5, 21:24 clearly shows a Father and a Son, for this reason then, the doctrine that says Jesus is the Eternal in the Flesh, has been proven wrong again according to this scripture and there are many other scriptures that records Father and Son as to separate beings. Another clear example is us, we are called His sons and daughters if we do His will. It would be us and Him right, separate beings? Same principles apply.Yohanan (John) 8:29 declares: “And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do what pleases Him.”

 The simplicity of this scripture recorded in The Gospel of Yohanan (John) 6:38 which says:“Because I have come down out of the heaven, not to do My own desire, but the desire of Him who sent me.”  Simply means: The Son came down because He was sent by the Father. It is the same as if I would to send someone somewhere. I don’t have to be there because I would haven given my messenger my instructions to carry out. This is the same example with the Father and the Son. The Son was given instructions by the Father to carry out; of which He did through the powers of His Father working in Him. This reality is so real because the same principle works for us, without the power of the Father working within us we live fruitless lives.

 After the Messiah’s resurrection He came back to earth and told His taught ones all that the Eternal, His father, had given Him.   Mattithyahu (Matthew) 28, 16:20 gives us an account of that it reads. ”And the eleven taught ones went away into Galilee to the mountain which the Messiah had appointed for them. And when they saw Him, they bowed to Him, but some doubted. And the Messiah came up and spoke to them saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make taught ones of all the nations immersing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Set-apart Spirit, teaching them to guard all that I have commanded you. And see, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”   We see also in the Gospel ofYohanan (John) 3, 34:36 these words: “For He whom Elohim has sent SPEAKS THE WORDS OF ELOHIM, for Elohim does not give the spirit by measure. The father loves the Son, and has given all into His hand. He who believes in the Son possesses everlasting life, but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life but the wrath of Elohim remains on him.” 

Acts 4, 23:29 declares:  “And having been released, they went to their own people and reported all that the chief priests and elders said to them. And having heard that, they lifted up their voice to Elohim with one mind and said You are Elohim, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea, and all that is in them. Who by THE MOUTH OF YOUR SERVANT DAWID (David) HAVE SAID, (Let us stop here for a second and look at the word ‘servant’, because you might be thinking or saying Dawid was a servant. The truth of the matter is really this: a servant is one who carries out his master or mistress wishes or commands, or one who fulfill the needs of another not in a derogatory way but in a humble and willing way:) ‘why did the gentiles rage, and the people plot in vain? The sovereigns of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Eternal and against His Messiah’ for truly in this city there were gather together against Your set-apart servant David Messiah, whom You anointed, both Herodes and Pontius Pilate with the gentiles and the people of Israel to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose decided before to be done. And now Elohim, look on their threats and give to Your servants all boldness to speak Your word.”

“So the Yehudim (Jews) surrounded Him and said to Him, ‘How long do you keep us in suspense’? If you are the Messiah, say to us plainly. The Messiah answered them, “I have told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father’s Name, they bear witness concerning Me. But you do not believe, because you are not of My sheep, as I said to you. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them everlasting life, and they shall by no means ever perish, and no one shall snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all. And no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. I and My father are one.”(The Father has given Him the same authoritative power like that of what He posses.)  

  “Again the Yehudim (Jews) picked up stones to stone Him. The Messiah answered them, Many good works I have shown you from My Father because of which of these works do you stone Me?” the Yehudim (Jews)  answered Him, saying “We do not stone you for a good work, but for blasphemy, and because YOU BEING A MAN, make yourself Elohim.”The Messiah answered them. Is it not written in your own Torah? “I said, you are Elohim?” if He called them Elohim, to whom the word of Elohim came and it is impossible for the Scripture to be broken. Do you say to Him whom the Father set-apart and sent into the world, ‘You are blaspheming’, because I said, ‘I am the Son of Elohim’? If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me; but if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, so that you know and believe that the Father is in Me, and I in Him.”  Yohanan (John) 10, 24:38

 Nothing has changed even to this day MANKIND still refuse to acknowledge the fact that, the Messiah came not by a spiritual birth, but was born into the world like any physical person  with earthly parents getting together. 2nd Yohanan (John) 1, 6:7reveals: “And this is the love that we walk according to His commands. This is the command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in: Because many who are leading astray went out into the world WHO DO NOT” “CONFESS THE MESSIAH AS COMING IN THE FLESH. This one is he who is leading astray and the anti-messiah.” This scripture is simply saying: those who do not believe that the Messiah was all flesh like we are, and that the only difference was that He was appointed by the Father to die for the sins of man through and by the powers of His Father working in Him which sustained Him enabling Him to accomplish all of His Father desires.

Romans 8, 3:4 proves that the Son, the Messiah, was all flesh and that He sinned just like us, this is why true repentance is so important: it reads: “For the Torah being powerless, in that it was weak through the flesh, Elohim having His own Son IN THE LIKENESS OF FLESH OF SIN, AND CONCERNING SIN, condemned sin in the flesh, so that the righteousness of the Torah should be completed in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.”   You might be saying: 2 Corinthians 5:21 declares: “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of Elohim” Yes you are right!  It was the Eternal who knew no sin that manifested Himself through David the Messiah who became sin for usverses 18 & 19 same chapter confirms it to us it reads: “And all matters are from Elohim, who has restored us to favour with Himself through David the Messiah, and has give us the service of restoration to favour, that is, that Elohim was in the Messiahrestoring the world to favour unto Himself, not reckoning their trespasses to them; and has committed to us the word of restoration to favour”.

 Micah 5, 1:4 also confirms the Messiah’s natural birth: “Now you are raided, O daughter of raiders, a siege has been laid against us. They strike the Judge of Israel with a rod on the cheek. But you, Bethlehem  Ephrathah you who are little among the clans of Yehudah, (Judah) out of you shall come forth to me the One to become Ruler in Israel, And His coming forth are of old from everlasting. Therefore He shall give them up until the time that SHE WHO IS IN LABOUR HAS GIVEN BIRTH, and the remnant of his brother’s return to the children of Israel. AND HE SHALL STAND AND SHEPHERD IN THE STRENGTH OF THE ETERNAL, IN THE EXELLENCY OF THE NAME OF HIS ELOHIM. AND THEY SHALL DWELL, FOR AT THAT TIME HE SHALL BE GREAT, TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.”  Confirmation of Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child shall be born……”

 We were not created in the likeness of animal flesh but in the likeness of human flesh like His Son. This is why we need that same spirit, the spirit of the Father that was in David the Messiah, which raised Him up the from the dead to also be in us  which will also raise us up from the dead. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 44, 24:25 declares“Thus said the Eternal, your redeemer, and He who formed you from the womb. “I am the Eternal, doing all, stretching out the heavens ALL ALONE, spreading out the earth with NONE BESIDE Me, frustrating the signs of the babblers, and driving diviners mad, turning wise men backward, and making their knowledge foolish. “

“You are El, You alone. You have made the heavens, the heavens of the heavens, with all their hosts the earth and all that are on it, the seas and all that are in them and You give life to them all. And the host of the heavens are bowing themselves to you. You are El, the Elohim who chose Abram; and brought him out of Ur of the Chaldees, and give him the name of Abraham, and found his heart trustworthy before You, and made a covenant with him to give the land of the Kenaannites, the Hittites, the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Yebusites, and the Girgashites – to give it to his seed. And You have established Your words for You are righteous, and saw the affliction of our fathers in Mitsrayim (Egypt), and heard their cry by the Sea of Reeds.” Nehemyah (Nehemiah) 9, 6:9

Stay with me now we, are going to get into some more shocking revelations.  The Gospel of John 1, 1:5 records these words:” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. He was in the beginning with Elohim. All came to be through Him and without Him, not even one came to be that came to be. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” I ask you the question. Who was it that was with Elohim in the beginning? Many would say that it was Jesus Christ or Yehoshua. I can guarantee you, that you are wrong because the scripture proves you wrong, and declares who it was that was with the Eternal in the beginning. Let us see what the word declares by looking at Proverbs 8,20:36 and it reads: “I walk in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of right- ruling to bestow substance on those who love me. And to fill their treasuries the Eternal possessed me. The beginning of His way, as the first of His works of old. I was set up ages ago, at the first before the earth ever was. When there were no depths I was brought forth.”

“When there were no springs heavy with water, before mountains were sunk, before the hills I was brought forth, before He had made the earth and the field. (Stay with me now)Or the first dust of the world. When He prepared the heavens, I was there. When He decreed a vault on the face of the deep, when He set the clouds above, when He made the fountains of the deep strong, when He gave to the sea its limit so that the waters would not transgress His command; when He decreed the foundations of the earth. Then I was beside Him a master workman. And I was His delight, day by day rejoicing before Him all the time. Rejoicing in the world, His earth and my delights were with the sons of men. And now, listen to me, you children, for blessed are they who guard my ways. Listen to discipline and become WISE, and do not refuse it. Blessed is the man who listen to me, watching daily at my gates. Waiting at the posts of my doors, for whoever finds me shall find life and obtain favour from the Eternal. But he who sins against me injures himself. All who hate me love death.” These Scriptures reveals to us that someone was with the Eternal in the beginning right?

So let us see who it was that was with the Eternal in the beginning. Let us go to Proverbs 8, 1:36 and it reads: “Does not WISDOM call and UNDERSTANDING lift up her voice? On the top of the heights along the way, between the paths she has taken her stand. Beside the gates, leading to the city, at the entrances, she shouts: O men, I call, to you. And my voice is to the sons of men. You simple ones, understand insight, and you fools, be of an understanding heart. Listen for I speak noble words. And the opening of my lips is about straightness; for my mouth speaks truth; and wrongness is an abomination to my lips. All the words of my mouth are in righteousness. None of them twisted or crooked, all of them plain to him who understands. And straight to those who find knowledge. Accept my discipline, and not silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold.For WISDOM is better than rubies, and all delights are not comparable to her, I WISDOM, have dwelt with insight and I find knowledge for foresight. The fear of the Eternal is to hate evil. I have hated pride and arrogance, and the evil way, and the perverse mouth. Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom; I am understanding mightiness is mine.  By me sovereigns reign, and rulers make righteous decrees. By me princes rule, and nobles, all the judges of the earth, I love those who love me and those who earnestly seek me do fine me.”  Riches and esteem are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness my fruit is better than gold and fine gold and my increase than choice silver……..”

My friend it was WISDOM the Eternal created in the beginning through theCREATIVITY of the WORD (HIS SPIRITHe created, to do all of His Creation by.Bereshith (Genesis) 1, 1:5 declares: “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. And the earth came to be formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the SPIRIT of Elohim was moving on the face of the waters. And Elohim said, Let light come into being, and light came to beAnd Elohim saw the light, that it was good. And Elohim separated the light from the darkness. And Elohim called the light ‘day’ and the darkness He called ‘night’. And there came to be evening and there came to be morning, the first day.”The reality of this is: As the Eternal Spirit moved on the face of the waters, He spoke the word through His creativity by WISDOM which He had created, and what He spoke by calling it into existence, it came to be.   This is why the spirit of wisdom says in Proverbs 8:22 the Eternal possessed me. We see also in Proverbs 3, 12:35 these words and it reads: “For whom the Eternal loves He reproves, as a father the son whom he delights in.Blessed is the man who has found WISDOM, and the man who gets understanding for the gain from it is better than gain from silver, and its increase than the gold. She is more precious than rubies and all your delights are not comparable to her.”

Length of days is in her right hand, riches and esteem in her left hand, her ways are pleasant ways. And all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those taking hold of her. And blessed are all who retain her, the Eternal founded the EARTH by WISDOM; He established the heavens by UNDERSTANIDNG, by His KNOWLEDGE the depths were broken up, and clouds drop down they dew. My son, let them not depart from your eyes; Watch over sound WISDOM and” “DISCRETION; then they become life to your being, and a adorning to your neck. Then you would walk safely in your way, and your foot would not stumble.  When you lie down you need not be afraid. And you shall lie down and your sleep shall be sweet. Do not be afraid of sudden dread, nor of the ruin of the wrong when it comes; for the Eternal is at your side, and He shall guard your foot from being caught.  Do not withhold good from those who deserve it. When it is in the power of your hand to do, do so, do not say to your neighbour Go, and come back and tomorrow I give it. When you have it with you do not plan evil against your neighbour seeing he dwells safely beside you. Do not strive with a man without a cause. If he has done you no evil, do not envy a cruel man. And choose none of his ways; for the perverse one is an abomination to the Eternal and his secret counsel is with the straight. The curse of the Eternal is on the house of the wrong. But He blesses the home of the righteous. He certainly scoffs the scoffers but gives favour to the humble. The WISE do inherit esteem, but fools are bearing away shame.”

My Dear reader, the Eternal created WISDOM before He made the first dust, and as the first of His works of old (wisdom is saying) I was set up ages ago at the first before the earth ever was.” Proverbs 8:23 the truth is, without wisdom one cannot accomplish or discern anything.  Prove it for our own-self, without utilizing wisdom, we become fools. It was WISDOM that the Eternal created in the beginning before he created anything even man. We see in Bereshith (Genesis) 1:26 these words: “And Elohim said, “Let Us make man in our image, according to our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over the livestock and over all the earth and over all the creeping creatures that creep on the earth”. It was the spirit of wisdom that was with Him when He said “Let Us make man……” Proverbs 8:22 declares: “The Eternal possessed me, the beginning of His way as the first of His works of old.” 

 The scriptures have proven that it was not Jesus Christ nor was it Yehoshua or any- one else for that matter; but truly it was the spirit of Wisdom that was with the Eternal in the beginning. The scriptures prove it.  Stay with me now, we are going to get into some more interesting revelations!  The Eternal declares in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 44, 24:25: “Thus said the Eternal, your redeemer, and He who formed you from the womb. “I am the Eternal, doing all, stretching out the heavens ALL ALONE, spreading out the earth withNONE BESIDE Me, frustrating the signs of the babblers, and driving diviners mad, turning wise men backward, and making their knowledge foolish.”

 So then, one can see why the Apostle Paul says what he declares in 1st Corinthians 1, 19:31 and it reads: “For it has been written ‘I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise and set aside the learning of the learned ones’. “Where is the wise? Where is the debater of this age? Has not Elohim made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since in the wisdom of Elohim the world through wisdom did not know Elohim; it pleased Elohim through the foolishness of preaching to save those who believe. For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom, yet we proclaim Messiah impaled to the Jews a stumbling-block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called – both Jews and Greeks – Messiah, the power of Elohim and the wisdom of Elohim.”

“For the foolishness of Elohim is wiser than men; and the weakness of Elohim is stronger than men. For look at your calling, brothers, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble.  But Elohim has chosen the foolish matters of the world to put to shame the wise, and Elohim has chosen the weak of the world to put to shame the strong. And Elohim has chosen the low-born of this world and the despised, and the ones that are not, that He might bring to naught the ones that are, so that no flesh should boast in His presence.  And of Him you are in Messiah, who became for us wisdom from Elohim, righteousness also, and set-apartness and redemption, that as it has been written, “He who boasts, let him boast in the Eternal”.

These powerful words are recorded in Tehillim (Psalm) 89, 19:21   “Then thou spakest in vision to thy kind one, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty: I have exalted one chosen out of the people. I have found David my servant: with my set-apart oil have I anointed him, with whom My hand is established; My arm also strengthens him”.  We all know that this was a reality because King Dawid was this child that the prophet Isaiah spoke about recorded in Isaiah 9,6:7 He did reign on earth but is now, reigning in the heavens with His Father, the Eternal One.  The word declares that he will come back. Psalm 89, 22:37 reads: “The enemy shall not exact upon him: nor the son of wickedness. And I shall beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him. But my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him: and in my name shall his horn be exalted.”

“I will set his hand also in the sea, and his right hand in the river, He shall cry unto me; Thou art my father, my El, and the rock of my salvation. Also I will make him my first-born, higher than the kings of the earth.   My mercies will I keep for him for evermore, and my covenant shall stand fast with him. His seed also will I make to endure for ever, and his throne as the days of heaven.  If his children forsake my law, and walk not in my judgments; if they break my statutes and keep not my commandments; then will I visit their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with stripes; nevertheless my loving-kindness will I not utterly take from him, (Dawid) nor suffer my faithfulness to fail.   My covenant will I not break nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lip.  Once have I sworn by my set-apartness that I will not lie unto Dawid (David), His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me. It shall be established forever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven.” 

 Now that’s powerful, I can’t change that, and neither can you! One of the greatest deceptions that have deceived mankind from the beginning of time was this seed that tradition has taught us over the many, many years was Jesus Christ, who is said to be, the son of Dawid (David) who came from his lions. Believe you me this just does not make sense because, Jesus Christ is said to be part human which came by way of a spiritual birth, and is in theOrthodox Christian belief the son of the Eternal.   And in the minds of the scribes and Pharisee it was impossible for him to die.  These words are recorded in the gospel of Yohanan (John) 12, 32:36 while they were speaking to Him, He said  And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Myself. This He said, signifying by what death He was about to die. The crowd answered Him. We have heard out of the Torah that the Messiah remains forever. And how do you say the Son of Adam has to be lifted up? Who is this Son of Adam? The Messiah, therefore said to them, “Yet a little while the light is with you. Walk while you have light, lest darkness overtake you. And he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going. While you have the light, believe in the light”. These word the Messiah spoke, and went off and were hidden from them.”

“Then they abused him and said, “You are His taught one, (they were speaking to the blind man who the Messiah had healed) but we are taught ones of Mosheh (Moses). We know that Elohim has spoken to Mosheh (Moses), but this One, we do not know where He is from”Yohanan (John) 9, 28:29 “Many from the crowd, when they heard the word, then said. “This truly is the Prophet. Others said, “This is the Messiah” but others said. “Does the Messiah then come out of Galilee? Did not the Scripture say that the Messiah comes from the seed of Dawid (David) and from the village of Beythlehem (Bethlehem) where Dawid (David) was?” Yohanan (John) 7, 40:42

According to Yohanan (John) 7,40:42 the scribes and the Pharisees like many today do not understand the scriptures, the word declares it in Yohanan (John 7:49 and it reads:“But this crowd that does not know the Torah is accursed.”  We see why the scripture declared to them these words: “But this crowd that does not know the Torah is accursed”.They believed that the Messiah came from the seed of Dawid (David) when Dawid (David) himself was the Messiah who was talking to them. (Messiah only means: Anointed One) they were like millions today that error in the scripture.  The Set-apart Spirit reveals to us whose seed, the Messiah came from.   Let us go to 1st DibrehaYamim (Chronicles) 5, 1:2: and it reads: “As for the sons of Reuben the first born of Yisrael (Israel) – he was the firstborn, but because he profaned his father’s bed, his birthright was given to the sons of Yoseph, (Joseph), son of Yisrael (Israel) so that the genealogy is not listed according to the birthright, for YEHUDAH (Judah) PREVAILED OVER HIS BROTHERS, AND FROM HIM CAME A RULER, ALTHOUGH THE BIRTHRIGHT WAS YOSEPH’S  (Joseph).

 That’s the answer which proves that Dawid (David) the Messiah came from the seed of Yehudah (Judah) and not from the seed of Yoseph (Joseph) his brother. This was the Eternal doing. This scripture proves that the genealogy that is recorded in the New Testament, with respect to the Messiah birthright is not according to the birthright.   The whole house-whole of Israel came from the tribe of Ya’aqob (Jacob), he had twelve sons, and none of them were name Jesus Christ, or Yehoshua. The promise was made to Abraham and his seed after him. The Messiah came down through Yehudah (Judah) who is Ya’aqob (Jacob) fourth son.

The reality is this: the scripture refers to the seed of David as being, those from his loins, his children, and those of us who are adopted into the family of the Eternal.  1st King 2, 10:12 plainly shows that after the death of King David, King Solomon his son sat on his throne verse 12 reads. “And Solomon sat on the throne of his father David, and his reign was firmly established.” It is impossible for Jesus Christ to be, David son; if that is the case, then David is the Eternal one, the creator of all flesh which we all know is not so; the Bible does not teach that; because the reign is between Father and Son, and those of us that are called into their Kingdom. The Eternal says: “I appointed him Dawid (David) first-born highest of the sovereigns of the earth.” Psalm 89:27 The Eternal has chosen King Dawid (David) as His begotten or brought-forth Son, and not Jesus Christ, who is in the orthodox Christian belief the son of the Eternal. There is no where in the Old Testament where the name Jesus Christ is mentioned. Neither can you find where King Dawid (David) had a son named Jesus Christ, you can search from Genesis to Revelation it is not there.   As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ cannot be the Eternal, because we read in Genesis 17:1 were the Eternal, said to Abraham. “I am El Shaddi walk before me and be perfect”. The Eternal did not say. “I am Jesus Christ walk before me and be perfect.” Remember what the Apostle Paul says in 1st Corinthians 4:6 “…..so that in us you might learn not to think beyond what is written…” 

There is no proof in the Old Testament or in the New Testament that describes the Eternal as being Jesus Christ, nor that Jesus Christ, is the Son of David. So then, one can see why the Apostle Paul says what he says in 1st Corinthians 4:6 “…..so that in us you might learn not to think beyond what is written…”    Many of the Orthodox (Greeks) back then also believe and looked to Yehoshua (Joshua) as being the coming Messiah the Son of the Eternal when in fact, the Eternal used Yehoshua, (Joshua the son of Nun) at that time to lead the children of Israel into the promise land after the death of Moses.  Read Joshua chapter 1, 1:9 in your spare time to see the mission of Yehoshua (Joshua). He was not the saviour; he was not the coming Messiah.  He was the one the Eternal used to carry the children of Israel over to the promise land after the death of Mosheh (Moses). Yehoshua was around before King Dawid, (David) the Messiah:  We read about it in the Book of Acts 7,44:46  it reads: “The Tent of witness was with our fathers in the wilderness, as He appointed, instructing Mosheh (Moses) to make it according to the pattern that he had seen, which our fathers, having received it in turn, also brought with Yehoshua into the land possessed by the gentiles,whom Elohim drove out before the face of our fathers until the days of Dawid (David), who found favour before Elohim and asked to find a dwelling for the Elohim of Ya’aqob (Jacob).”

Acts 13, 18:33 declares: “Now for a time of about forty years He sustained them in the wilderness. And having destroyed seven nations in the land of Kennan, He gave their land to them as an inheritance. And after that He gave judges for about four hundred and fifty years, until Shemuel (Samuel) the prophet. But then they asked for a sovereign, and Elohim gave them Shaul the son of Qish, a man of the tribe of Binyamin, (Benjamin) for forty years.” And having removed him, He raised up for them Dawid (David) as sovereign, to whom also He gave witness and said, “I have found Dawid the son of Yishai (Jessie), a man after My own heart, who shall do all My desires. From this one’s seed Yishai (Jessie) according to the promise, Elohim raised up for Yisrael (Israel) a saviour, after Yohanan (John) had first proclaimed the immersion of repentance to all the people of Yisrael (Israel), before His coming. And as Yohanan (John) was completing his mission, he said ‘Who do you suppose I am? I am not He. But see, there comes one after me, the sandals of whose feet I am not worthy to loose. MEN, BROTHERS, SONS OF THE RACE OF ABRAHAM, AND THOSE AMONG YOU FEARING ELOHIM, TO YOU THE WORD OF THIS DELIVERANCE HAVE BEEN SENT.”  That’s Powerful.

“For those dwelling in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and their rulers, because they did not know Him, nor even the voice of the Prophets which are read every Sabbath have filled them in having judged Him, and having found not one cause for death, they asked Pilate that He should be put to death. And when they had accomplished all that was written concerning Him, taking Him down from the timber they laid Him in a tomb. But Elohim raised Him from the dead, and He was seen for many days by those who came with Him from Galil to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) who are His witness to the people.  And we bring you the Good News, the promise made to the fathers that Elohim has filled this for us, their children, having raised up Dawid, the Messiah, as it has also been written in second Tehillim (Psalm,) ‘You are My son, today I have brought you forth”. We find this also in Tehillim (Psalm) 2:7 “I inscribe for a law; Elohim has said to Me, “You are My Son, Today I have brought you forth’.

The Eternal declares in Jeremiah 8, 6:9 “I have listened and heard – they do not speak right. No man has repented of his evil, saying, ‘What have I done?’ They all turned to their own course like a horse rushing into battle. Even a stork in the heavens knows her appointed times. And a turtledove, and a swallow, and a thrush observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the right-ruling of the Eternal. How do you say, ‘We are wise, and the Torah of El Shaddi is with us”? But look, the false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood. The wise shall be put to shame they shall be broken down and caught. See they have rejected the Word of El Shaddi, so what wisdom do they have?”  That’s Powerful

Jeremiah 7, 21:34 declares: Thus said the Eternal of hosts, the Elohim of Israel. “Add your burnt offerings to your slaughterings and eat meat. For I did not speak to your fathers, or command them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, about matters of burnt offerings or slaughterings. But this word I command them, saying ‘Obey My voice, and I shall be your Elohim, and you be My people.  And walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, so that it is well with you.’ But they did not obey or incline their ear but walked in the counsels in the stubbornness of their evil heart and went backward and not forward. From the day that your fathers came out of the land of  Egypt until this day I have sent to you all My servants the prophets, daily rising up early and sending them.  But they did not obey Me or incline their ear, but stiffened their neck.  They did evil more than their fathers. And you shall speak all these words to them, though they do not listen to you.” 

“And you shall also call to them though they do not answer you.  But you shall say to them, ‘This is a nation that did not obey the voice of the Eternal their Elohim nor did they accept instruction. Truth has perished and has been cut off from their mouth. ‘Cut off your hair and throw it away, and take up a lamentation on the bare heights, for Eternal has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath.’ For the children of Yehudah (Judah), have done what is evil in My eyes, declares the Eternal. They have set their abominations in the house which is called by My name, to defile it. And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughter in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into My heart.”

“Therefore see, the days are coming, declares the Eternal, when it shall no longer be called Topheth, or the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter, for they shall bury in Topheth until no room is left.  And the corpses of this people shall be food for the birds of the heavens and for the beasts of the earth, with none to frighten them away. And in the cities of Yehudah and in the streets of Jerusalem I shall make to cease the voice of rejoicing and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride. For the land shall become a waste.”

It would be right to say that billions upon billion of people are guilty of this, and that is, they are not taking heed to the voice of the Eternal but are listening to the voices of their forefathers; whereby they live by the traditions that was handed down to usI can say without a shadow of a doubt that I was once guilty of this, following the traditions of our forefathers.  Even thou the scripture tell us in 1st Thessalonians 5, 19:21 “Do not quench the spirit. Do not despise prophecies, prove all things. Hold fast to that which is good.”  The Apostle Paul also warns us in 1st Corinthians 4:6: “And these matters, brothers, I have applied in a figure to myself and Appollos for your sakes, so that in us you might learn not to think beyond what is written, so that none of you be puffed up on behalf of one against the other.”

 My friend, the sad reality is: the great mysteries of religion is that, ninety nine point nine per of mankind walked according to their own hearts, and the traditions that were handed down to us by our forefathers,  which are not in accordance with the written word of the Eternal.   As I continued to search through the word of the Eternal, more and more truths were revealed to me.  The Gospel of John 14, 15:18 became a witness to me which reads: If you love me guard My commands. And I shall ask the Father, and He shall give you another Helper, to stay with you forever the Spirit of Truth, whom the world is unable to receive, because it does not see Him or know Him. But you know Him, for He stays with you and shall be in you. I shall not leave you orphans. I am coming to you.”

In discovering some many truths the Bible within itself according to the written word proves that Jesus Christ is not the son of the Eternal. This may sound crazy to you, but search the scriptures for yourself, prove it for your own self. As you may recall the culture back then was Greek, Roman and Hebrew as recorded in the Gospel of John 19, 19:22 which reads: “And Pilate wrote a title too, and put it on the stake, and it was written : DAWID OF NATSARETH, THE SOVEREIGN OF THE YEHUDIM (JEWS.) (Jesus Christ was the sovereign of the Greek, and the Romans he was not the sovereign of the Jews) Many of the Jews therefore read this title, for the place where King David was impaled was near the city, and it was written in Hebrew, in Greek, in Roman. So the chief priests of the Yehudim (Jews) said to Pilate, “Do not write, ‘The Sovereign of the Yehudim (Jews), but, ‘He said, “I am the Sovereign of the Yehudim (Jews.)”  Pilate answered, “What I have written I have written.”

 Luke 16:15 records: And he said unto them, you are they which justify yourselves before men; but El, knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of El.” These as not my words, they are the words of the Eternal.   It is said that Jesus Christ means Saviour. I ask you this question. The interpretation of this, was it from the Eternal, or was it from man? Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:20 records these words: “To the Torah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no daybreak” (light).

 I mentioned early in my presentation that the Eternal is now doing a Resolution in the earth He‘s revealing His only begotten Son to the world, He is preparing the way for righteousness to be established in the earth before the coming of His only begotten son, King Dawid (David) the Messiah.  Hoshea 3:5 declares: “Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the Eternal their Elohim and Dawid (David) their Sovereign and fear the Eternal and His goodness, in the latter days.”  Acts 15, 15:18 declares: “And the words of the prophets agree with this, as it has been written: After this I shall return and rebuild the Booth (Tabernacle) of Dawid (David) which has fallen down. And I shall rebuild its ruins, and I shall set it up. So that the remnant of mankind shall seek the Eternal, even all the gentiles on whom My name has been called says the Eternal who is doing all this.Who has made this known from of old?”  Mark 11, 9:10 declares: “And those going before and those following cried out, saying “Hoshia-na! Blessed is He who is coming in the Name of the Eternal! Blessed is the coming reign of our father Dawid (David) in the Name of the Eternal! Hoshia-na in the highest” (It did not say: Blessed is the coming reign of our father Jesus Christ in the Name of the Eternal)   Luke 13:35 Also declare this coming King. It reads: See your House is left to you laid waste. And truly I say to you, you shall by no means SEE ME until the time comes when you say: ‘Blessed is He who is coming in the Name of the Eternal”, we see that Mark 11:10 declares who it is that is coming in the Name of the Eternal it reads: “Blessed is He who is coming in the Name of the Eternal! Blessed is the coming reign of our father Dawid (David) in the Name of the Eternal! Hoshia-na in the highest”

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 26, 1:9 records these words. “In that day this song is sung in the land of Yehudah (Judah).”We have a strong city – He sets up deliverance walls and ramparts. Open the gates let the righteous nation which guards the truth enter in. The one steadfast of mind, you guard in perfect peace, for he trusts in You, trust in the Eternal forever, for in Him, is a rock of ages. For He shall bring down those who dwell on high, He lays the exalted city low, He lays it low to the earth, He brings it down to the dust. A foot tramples it down – feet of the poor, footsteps of the needy.  The path of the righteous is uprightness, O upright One; You weigh the course of the righteous. Also, in the path of Your right-rulings O El, we have waited for You; the longing of our being is for Your Name and for the remembrance of You. My being longs for You in the night; also my spirit within me seeks You earnestly. FOR WHEN YOUR RIGHT-RULINGS ARE IN THE EARTH, THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD SHALL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS”



Source for the life of Jesus

Source for the life of Jesus 

“Knowledge of Jesus comes almost entirely from the New Testament. Some letters of Paul, written less than a generation after Jesus’ death are perhaps the earliest sources for the life of Jesus that survive intact from the time of their composition.  The fullest source, are the four Gospels, which bear the names of Matthews, Mark, Luke, and John. They are based on oral tradition and, at least in the case of Luke on now-lost written documents.”

“Other New Testament books including the second section of Luke’s work, the Acts of the Apostles also contain important material, outside the New testament there is little more than a brief mention of Jesus by Josephus, a Jewish writer of the later first century, brief references to Jesus also occur in the works of the Roman authors Tacitus, Suelonius, and Pliny the Younger, all written in the second decade of the second century.”  We can see why the Set-apart Spirit revealed these words in Mattithyahu/Matthew 11, 25:27: “At that time the Messiah responding, said, “I thank You, Father, Master of the heavens and earth, because You have hidden these matters from clever and learned ones and have revealed them to babes. Yea, Father, because so it was well-pleasing in Your sight. All have been handed over to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and he to whom the Son wishes to reveal Himself.”  That’s Powerful!

Let us continue. “Some scraps of sayings of uncertain validity come from other sources. There are a number of other early lives of Jesus, the so-called Apochryphal Gospel, but they are usually considered to have little or no value in providing authentic information.  Such sources do not permit a “biography” of Jesus as that term is usually understood.They give only slight glimpses of him before his public career, a career that probably lasted no longer than three years and perhaps only about a year.” Precise dates cannot be established, and even the order of events is unclear. Rather, the sources embody what was remembered of Jesus by his first followers and was transmitted by them to early converts in order to instruct them in what was deemed essential if they were to become informed members of the church ……….”

 God’s Word Today December 2006 issue page eight states: “…Early readers have questioned its Christian character because it mentions Jesus by name only twice (1:1 and 2:1), and because of its complete silence on Jesus’ public ministry and on his death and resurrection. We had to wait until the fourth century until it became widely accepted in the Christian canon of Scripture. Others like Luther have been very critical towards that letter, for they thought it was anti-Pauline for its position on the relationship between faith and works…..” (Here the author is sharing the fact that the name Jesus was hardly mentioned and that it was not until the fourth century when the Church sent out letters which became widely accepted in the Christian canon of Scripture.”)  

 Page six (6), same book under the heading “Christianity: Conspiracy or Open Debate?” States: “While some people talk about a vast conspiracy to hide the truth of Christian origins by silencing all alternative voices, why is it that they don’t even care to look at New Testament writings and to acknowledge the great diversity at work in the New Testament? The key word for what we are going to explore this month, the so-called “catholic letters”, is precisely diversity. This smaller collection of seven letters is in fact a block of early Christian letters that were attributed to Church leaders other than Paul,namely Peter, John, James and Jude: These were not marginal figures in the early Church, and, whether or not history can confirm” “authorship dating back to apostolic times, the simple fact that the attribution was made to these figures testifies to the esteem in which they were held by second and third generation Christian communities.”

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